Pool Care & Service

Commercial & Residential Swimming Pool & Spa Repair & Maintenance Service

AquaTech Pools’ award winning Certified Service Professionals provide a wide range of services from weekly Pool Care to repairs and equipment services. While your swimming pool provides hours of enjoyment for you and your family, normal wear and tear, nature, and simply age can restrict you from using your pool or spa as often as you desire. AquaTech Pools has the ability to address issues such as leaks, cracks, and mechanical failures, which can and do happen as a result of regular use. Our personnel are experts at leak detection, pump and filter repair, as well as resurfacing and crack repair. Trust that we will use the most advanced and proven methods to rid you of these potentially serious and time consuming problems.

We are very serious when it comes to the quality of the devices we choose for our clients. We research the market and keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest and most cutting edge products available. We, on behalf of our clients,  only deal withmanufacturers’ products that have proven performance and reliability, AquaTech Pools is ready to service your pool every pool season.


Pool Care

AquaTech Pools is providing outstanding Pool Care to over 650 customers. We provide end to end service of your pool so that every time you want to enjoy your pool you are assured to have the highest quality water and experience.

Our weekly Pool Care includes:

  • Chemical check, balance, documentation and record archiving

  • Brush walls, floor, tile and skim surface

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets

  • Vacuum as needed

  • Clean filter as needed

  • Equipment visual inspection

  • Adjust timer as required

  • Fill water as needed

  • Timely communication with the customer on pool changes

All of our trucks come with GPS tracking devices so your timely service is ensured.

Our Pool Care Technicians are trained in house and hold CPO Licenses for cleaning commercial pools. Our Pool Care Techs have passed background and driver license checks as well as drug tests. All to ensure that you can rest easy. Call us for an on-site review and quote.


Swimming Pool & Spa Repair Services

The highly trained, and industry respected professionals at AquaTech Pools  will inspect your pool and spa, provide you with an accurate estimate and ensure the repairs are performed by the manufacturers guidelines. Call us for an on-site review and estimate.


Pool & Spa Renovation Services

Our team of designers and technicians can remodel and repair your existing pool. Whether your pool needs to be replastered, retiled, relined or it needs new plumbing or new decking installed, AquaTech Pools will make it look like new again. We also can add spas, lighting, fire elements and waterfalls to existing pools or provide a complete pool remodeling. The majority of our renovation customers come to us from word-of-mouth referrals. Call us for an on-site review and estimate.